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A set of Web pages devoted to one of the truly great bands, with artwork, album info (including upcoming releases) personnel info, lyrics, and more. Thanks for stopping by!

What's here? Well, there's...

Precious Stones
A nearly-complete archive of the band's terrific lyrics. Admit it, you've wondered what Cy was saying at least once, right?

One Link Leads to Another
Other Fixx Internet resources like the official Fixx site and mailing list.

All the Best Things
A Discography, with some information on each of the Fixx's major albums.

Amazing images contributed by Alfonso Hermida.

Deeper and Deeper
Something about each one of the band members.

Cameras in Paris
Some photos of the whole band.

Read Between the Lines
A collection of magazine and newspaper articles about the Fixx.

An archive of old news. More current updates from the official site

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